Upgrade your asphalt driveway in less than 24 hours with professional driveway sealing!

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The best way to protect and extend the life of your driveway is with regular professional driveway sealing. Your driveway is an essential component of your home and a beautiful driveway will leave a long-lasting impression on all of your visitors.

Say good-bye to potholes and cracks in your driveway with professional driveway sealing! MCD Landscaping & Contracting specializes in driveway sealing and interlock lift & relay services.

MCD guarantees 100% satisfaction because our team uses top-quality materials and our driveway sealing process has been perfected over the years. Our team services both residential and commercial properties for driveway and parking lot sealing.


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Is your asphalt driveway looking cracked and faded? MCD Landscaping & Contracting can fix that!

Our driveway sealing service has been perfected over the years so that our team can efficiently seal your driveway without sacrificing quality in the process. Our customers trust MCD to continue to provide the best driveway sealing services in Ottawa, year after year.

Follow our 3 step process to get your driveway sealed TODAY!

Schedule a free consultation and get a quote on your driveway sealing by calling (613) 701-6429.

Book your sealing for a day that works best for you. We are happy to work around your busy schedule.

Our team will arrive on the scheduled day and completely seal your driveway. Let it dry for 24 hours for best results.


Our mission and promise is to earn our customers trust. We provide affordable rates and an individual approach to meet our customers needs.


A good driveway in an investment in your home. Protect that investment with a professional driveway sealing!

Here are a few benefits of sealing your driveway each year:

1. Prevent cracking: seal cracks while they are still small. This prevents the cracks from becoming a bigger, more expensive problem later on.

2. Add back natural oils: During the cold winters in Ottawa, our asphalt driveways lose some of their oil and begin to dry out. When this happens, it is more difficult for the driveway to expand and contract during the change in temperature.

Cracks, unevenness, and pits are the unfortunate result. By sealing the driveway, our team will be adding back the natural oils that make the asphalt more pliable and able to withstand cold winters.

3. Look like new: Keep your driveway looking new by restoring faded asphalt back to its original form

Ready to get your driveway sealed? Call us today at (613) 701-6429 for your free quote and get $50 OFF your driveway sealing!



We guarantee you will love your sealed driveway!

MCD Landscaping & Contracting is a family-owned and operated business focused on providing the best driveway sealing service to all of our customers in Ottawa. Call us today at (613) 701-6429 for a free quote on your driveway!

Are you ready to increase the curb appeal and value of your home?

Call us TODAY to get $50 off your driveway-sealing project! Our team works quickly, without creating a mess or sacrificing quality in the process.

MCD Landscaping & Contracting offers lawn care, lawn replacement, mosquito & tick control, interlock lift/relay, snow removal, foundation repairs, and irrigation. Contact one of our landscaping experts at (613) 701-6429 to learn more about all of the services we offer!

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Get $50 OFF when you request a quote online!

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Steve Hamre

Rating Stars

"Great honest service and people! Thank you!"

Garderie Les Petits Yogis

Rating Stars

"Nice job on installing my new lawn and sealing the driveway! Very information about how to take care of it. These guys are awesome."


Q: Where is MCD Landscaping & Contracting located?

A: We are located at 642 Gardenvale Rd, Ottawa, ON K1K 1E6.

Q: How much does driveway sealing cost?

A: The price for driveway sealing varies by the amount required to finish the job. We charge by the square footage. Our sales line is open Monday to Friday during regular business hours at (613) 701-6429. Call us today to get $50 OFF your driveway sealing!

Q: Should I seal my driveway every year?

A: We highly recommend sealing your driveway every year to avoid unwanted cracks and potholes.

Q: When is the best time to seal my driveway?

A: The ideal time to seal a driveway is when the winter weather is done. For Ottawa, this typically means between May and October.