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Say good-bye to weeds and unevenness in your interlock forever! Hire MCD Landscaping & Contracting to get it done right the first time and never worry about interlock repairs or interlock maintenance again. MCD Landscaping & Contracting specializes in residential interlock design and landscaping services.

Contact us today at (613) 701-6429 for your free quote on your Ottawa interlock project. We offer NEW interlock installation as well as interlock lift and relay services. Our team has been servicing customers in Ottawa since 2013.


Over the years, we have perfected our process and guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results.


Get $500 OFF when you request a quote online!

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Are you tired of pulling grass and weeds out of your interlock driveway?

The issues you may be experiencing with old interlock depend on when the existing interlocking stone was installed, how it was compacted, and what type of material was used under the gravel. Eventually, the old interlock will shift or settle in certain areas and will require interlock restoration with a lift & relay.

This is more commonly seen in methods used by other interlock contractors, who may install the interlock without using polymeric sand. A 10-year-old interlock driveway, for example, may show a dip where the tires are continuously compressing those spots. A patio or interlock steps, on the other hand, may sink in spots that are frequently exposed to water due to the freezing and unthawing that happens in the winter.

Old interlock can look ugly over time from lack of gravel, installing on unsettled soil, or using the wrong materials. The stones become unleveled or there may be weeds growing from the joints of the bricks. Compacting the stone underneath the pavers and using polymeric sand on top are important steps in the process that will prevent these types of problems down the line.

Here is an overview of what to expect during an interlock lift & relay:

Our team will remove all of the existing interlock you have and clean each brick individually with a wire brush and scraper. We do the hard work so you don’t have to!

Once the bricks are perfectly cleaned, we set it aside and bring in stone dust to relevel the entire area.

We make sure the ground is sloped perfectly so all water drains properly.

Next, we compact the stone, grade it again, and reposition all of the clean bricks exactly where they were before.

The final and most important step of the brick-laying process is the layer of polymeric sand that we set on top. Say good-bye to unwanted weeds and ants! Also, the settling and unevenness you experienced before will no longer occur.


Our mission and promise is to earn our customers trust. We provide affordable rates and an individual approach to meet our customers needs.


Polymeric sand is the ONLY way to keep ants away from your interlock driveway!

Polymeric sand is the latest product used for new interlock driveways, walkways, and patios. The benefit of polymeric sand is that it will become hard, like concrete, once it is wet. Other sands used in the past, such as masonry sand, did not harden. This presented an opportunity for ants to build their ant-hills and constantly push the sand out of the joints, creating a nuisance for any homeowner to deal with.

Have you ever seen an old interlock driveway with grass or weeds growing between the bricks? This happens because polymeric sand was not used. Every time a grass clipping or weed blows onto the old interlock driveway, the seed will land and begin to grow. Why? The sand that doesn’t harden will hold moisture and that is exactly what grass or weeds need to grow. This will quickly become more than an eyesore, as roots will being to grow deep under the interlock. At this point, pulling the grass out will only provide a temporary solution because the roots will remain behind.

It is impossible for weeds or grass to grow between interlock that has been installed with polymeric sand since the sand will harden. It will also be impossible for ants to use the sand for their home. We use polymeric sand for all of our interlock projects to guarantee a perfect interlock driveway, pathway, or patio that will last forever!


Don't spend another season looking at ugly interlock! Call us today at (613) 701-6429 to book your free interlock lift & relay consultation.

Interlock Lift and Relay


Transform the appearance of your home in less than one week without breaking your back in the process!


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Choose the type of brick and retaining walls you love from one of our style categories: traditional, rustic, modern, or exotic & eclectic. To help you decide what will look the best with your home, our sales team has created sample books of each product. Each style offers a variety of colours, textures, shapes, and sizes.

The sample books include 2”x6” samples of each style that we offer, so you can see and feel what you are ordering ahead of time! This sample book will be brought to you during our visit to give you a free quote on your interlock project. Our goal is to build your vision by setting realistic goals based on your property and budget.

Pricing is calculated based on square footage and the amount of material required to finish the job, without sacrificing quality in the process.


Book your interlock installation in person or by calling (613) 701-6429

We are available to work around your busy schedule! The booking can be completed during the home visit or you can call us back and schedule an appointment at your own convenience.


Secure a 40% deposit to cover the cost of the required materials.

Our policy regarding payment is to collect a 40% deposit upfront by cheque, cash, e-transfer, or credit card if the amount is under $2,000. The remaining amount will be paid once the project is completed.


For a new installation, the chances are high that the area being converted to interlock will initially be covered in grass or gravel. Therefore, the first step taken by our team is to dig down the area (from 10” to 18”).

Next, granular-A crushed stone is brought in, placed on the excavated land, leveled and compacted. Stone dust (a finer granular stone) is layered on top to achieve a perfectly compacted surface. Another layer of stone dust is added to ensure that the area is level. Once compacted and leveled, our team will begin installing the pavers one-by-one.

When all of the pavers have been placed, polymeric sand is swept into the joints of the brick to fill in all of the gaps between them. Finally, snap edges are installed on the perimeter of the pad to keep everything tightly held together.

During a new interlock installation, there will be a one-foot perimeter of gravel surrounding the exterior of the pad. Our team will fill in these edges with fresh soil and sod, so that everything blends perfectly together from the interlock driveway to the lawn, to the patio.


Complete payment and enjoy your fresh, new interlock!



MCD Landscaping & Contracting is a family-owned and operated business focused on providing the best lawn care and landscaping services to all of our customers in Ottawa. Call us today at (613) 701-6429 for a free quote on your interlock installation or interlock repair. MCD Contracting offers a variety of services including lawn care, lawn replacement, mosquito & tick control, driveway sealing, snow removal, foundation repairs, and irrigation.

MCD knows that beautiful interlock is all about the foundation. The base must be compacted and proper interlocking laying methods must be used, otherwise, it will sink. Our interlock lift & relay method will be the last you ever have to do with your interlock! We are proud to provide top services at affordable rates and guarantee you will love your new interlock!

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Get $500 OFF when you request a quote online!

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"Nice job on installing my new lawn! Very information about how to take care of it. These guys are awesome if you're looking for a green lawn!"

Leon Backland

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"MCD Landscaping & Contracting has done an OUTSTANDING job for us over the past three years. We’re ALWAYS impressed with the professionalism of James his follow-ups and the workers at MCD, whether it be maintenance or landscaping. Our lawn has never looked better! We are very happy with the reliable and great quality work that was provided to us. We highly recommend James Mcd for your yard!"

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"Great honest service and people! Thank you!"

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"I had my lawn redone last summer, today I received a call from the salesman James to discuss lawn maintenance to keep my new lawn beautiful. The customer service offered by this company is very impressive. From start to end it was impecable. My lawn looked amazing all summer long."

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Q: I park on my driveway every day. Can the interlocked bricks handle the weight of my car?

A: Yes, bricks used for driveways are between 80-100 millimeters, which are much thicker than those used for walkways (approximately 15 millimeters). The thicker brick will be able to handle the weight of your vehicle and will not break.

Q: How long will it take to install my new interlock driveway?

A: All interlock projects are completed in less than one week. Smaller walkways or driveways may only take 2-3 days. The length of time depends on the total services offered. Most of our customers will pair an interlock installation with new sod or a new flower bed to really freshen up the yard. For more information on our other services offered, please call (613) 701-6429.

 Q: Buying new brick isn’t within my budget. How can I freshen up my interlock driveway while still saving money?

A: Bring life back to your interlock driveway with a lift & relay! A lift & relay is a cheaper option because we use your existing brick, rather than buying all new. Our team will re-compact the base, re-level the ground, thoroughly clean each brick with a wire brush and scraper, replace the bricks where they were, and finish it off with polymeric sand. The sand will prevent the pavers from shifting and will also stop unwanted weeds from growing. If you already have nice looking pavers, a lift & relay is the best option for you because it looks brand new without the cost of new brick.

Q: Where is MCD Landscaping & Contracting located?

A: We are located at 642 Gardenvale Rd, Ottawa, ON K1K 1E6.